Tiny world big mind…

via Daily Prompt: Tiny

Sometimes when I am brave, I think I am going to change the world. The divine yet destructive path that led me where I am today, a definite sign that the survival of my sufferings would be for a purpose in this life.  Ending the pains of addiction, the suffering of those who love us because they would give their life to save ours, but that isn’t the way it works when you dance with the devil. The forgiveness of love, that we now yearn to give back because we know that without it and the grace of God, there is no way on this earth we would still be here. Slashing the stigma that stifles the cries of so many hurt and dying souls who allow their screams to be muffled by judgment. Turning shame into hope, weakness into courage and complacency into the much needed change.

Sometimes I think that once my story is told and the truth of recovery is revealed, the clouds of addiction would give way to sunny skies that dry up the puddles of suffering on this earth. But then I remember, there are so many others who have come before me and there is still so much suffering. There is still way too much loss. There is still a powerful stigma that will silence another person as they sink deeper and deeper into the depths of their hell.

We are but a small wave in the ocean, with big dreams of a healing world because we know what it is like to watch dreams get shattered and worlds fall to pieces.

We think so big and yet in our world, we are still so very small.

3 thoughts on “Tiny world big mind…

  1. The role you play can impact the world or at least a big part of it. It depends on how far you want to go with your outreach. Just set up a plan and take it one step at a time. I know you know things will not happen all overnight, but as you move forward things will fall into place. Remember every experience you endure is not for your defeat or failure, but it may be for you to give inspiration to someone else, who is not strong as you and is ready to give up and quit.

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    1. Thank you very much for the encouraging reminder. It is so easy to lose focus on the bigger picture when we can’t see the results of our wishes in our own time. I really appreciate your thoughtful perspective.


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