Crush the curse

Updated “About Me”… 4/22/18

I’m a woman of many passions, rediscovering my love of writing after losing myself in the throes of depression and addiction. In recovery 3 years, my life until recently blessed beyond my greatest imagination. My world changed in an instant when my husband, father of our two teen boys, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and lost his courageous battle in September 2017. It’s here where the test of my sobriety could have faltered, but instead, I gained a strength beyond myself that keeps me striving for a life of purpose, even on the darkest days. Faith is now my strongest lifeline, and I write to share my story in hopes that while it continues to heal my own pain, it also reaches another who has yet to find their voice.

Original Blog “About Me”…10/05/16

Almost a year and a half into recovery I’ve decided to start a blog. On my sister’s birthday. She was killed a month before I turned sixteen. Almost thirty years ago. The one I admired growing up. The loss of her has everything to do with why I write. And who I’m now becoming for having known her.

This site holds all the pain, forgiveness and hope I’ve discovered in my recovery from the curse of addiction that all but consumed my entire existence not so long ago. I write for the freedom it gives to share my story. And in the hopes it somehow reaches out to help another.